Tobacco Jibiar Emirates Two Apples

150 грн.
330 грн.
600 грн.
1100 грн.

  • Fortress: high (7-8)
  • icon Taste: fruit - apple
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Original tobacco



  • Крепость: высокая
  • Вкус: фруктовый
  • Дымность: высокая

A true classic about which we can speak only with reverence. It is this double apple flavor that has become the reference and is considered to this day unsurpassed, thanks to its unique combination of sweetness, freshness and anise component.

If you have never tried this flavor, then you simply have to taste it. Even if there are opponents of this taste, they are easy to convince, thanks to the versatility of the Double Apple, which easily flies into any mixes, adding brightness, piquancy and originality to them.

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